Economics and the power grid

Our tax money is spent for many things these days, and I feel it would best be spent rebuilding and updating our power grid, rather than the space program.

The space program is all right, but unless we think of something fast, I believe there is not really too much of a purpose for us to be wasting our tax money on space. If God wanted us to go deeper in to space, he will do so when the time is right. So the time shouldn’t be with our tax money. The power grid on the other hand is something worth while. It will not only benefit us now, but also in the future. It will help us out, so that we do not have power shortages like we had in the recent month. If the whole United States had decent electricity outlets that were newer, and would stand some test over time, we would not have to worry about them breaking down as often and the like. Plus if the whole U.S. got new sources for power, that would mean we need more people to fix, inspect, and all that good stuff, thus creating new, and more jobs. Hopefully giving our economy a little boost. If the power grid was updated no one should have to worry about wasting their money, so that their meat would spoil overnight, and that they wouldn’t have to live hours, or even days in darkness.

Rebuilding and updating will benefit the entire U.S. people will have a new sense of security I’m guessing. My opinion is the space program is junk, yeah we got to the moon, and we have satellites. But really, if your going to put money into technology, they should put the money into technology that would help us now, and in the future, not just the “ifs” of space. We might run into another planet or something, and tick off the aliens and then the whole world would get blown up, all because of our tax money. Thus making it the US’s fault that the world is in pieces.

I feel fixing the power grid, would be a lot safer, and more beneficial. Not only will it seem our country is more technologically advanced than others are, it will be more technologically advanced in a sense. If we had light everywhere we needed it, I’m sure it would bring the crime rate down. Dark alleys are no more, now they can be lighted simply. But if we don’t want to get to rational and waste all of our energy, we could look for alternate sources. Not to mention we could have rebuilt efficient energy, wherever the government thought it was needed. Sort of like it is now, except we won’t have the mishaps like we have had before.

Concluding, I believe the space program is unsafe to humanity, and a waste of our time and money. Rebuilding the power grid would be so more beneficial to all of the U.S. right now, and in the future.

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