Economics Research Paper Topics

Writing Economics research papers is a very popular activity in schools, colleges and universities. Thousands of research papers in Economics are assigned students to check up their competency and knowledge in Economic studies.

You can easily find plenty of free Economics research paper topics to prepare your research paper on. Feel free to pick up any interesting topic for writing your Economics research paper from the list below we have collected to provide you with helpful ideas for writing research papers in Economics:

  • A Cashless Economy
  • The Effects of Automobile Safety Regulations
  • European Monetary Union
  • Insider Trading – Should it be banned or legalized?
  • An Economic Analysis of the Death Penalty
  • Economics of Residual Dumping: Analysis of Demand Shocks
  • Increasing Global Capital Flows and their Monetary Implications
  • Franchise Relocation for Profits: A Professional Sports Epidemic
  • Economic Development of the USA
  • Reforms in the Indian Economy after 1990
  • The Economics of the NFL’s TV Blackout
  • The Asian Currency Crises
  • The Banking System of Canada
  • Why Purchase Life Insurance
  • Tourist Expenditure in Canada
  • The Indian Gem Industry
  • Regulation of Financial Derivatives
  • The Link Between Hong Kong and China, and Their Economic Future
  • An Overview of State Enterprises in Singapore and the Current Trend of Privatization
  • Motorola’s Emergence as an Electronics Leader
  • Economic Theory
  • Economic History
  • Internation Economics
  • West Indian and U.S. Blacks
  • The Profitability of the Olympics

This list of the most popular Economics research paper topics is based on our research conducted among students who study in the US, Canada and UK universities. If you have any interesting Economics research topics, please contact us and we will add them to the list.

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