Essay on “How Do You Think Our Future Will Be Influenced By The Great Influx Of Foreign Products Into The United States?”

The influx of foreign products has been an economic and domestic impact for decades in America. Both positives and negatives can be said about foreign product influx.

Let’s first take a look at a few positives.

An encouraging fact about foreign product influx is the growing international relations between the sellers and the consumers. Most think of foreign products as cheap useless junk that is thrown away after only a few uses. However, most do not think of products other than plastics. The United States is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural national country. Foreign products would benefit immigrants or permanent resident families making them feel right at home. Various cultures can share and understand each other’s works from their respective countries. Plus acquiring foreign products renders those who possess them curious about their meanings and places of origin.

Now let’s take a look at the negatives.

The largest issues of foreign product influx are the employment and financial factors. Many employees continue to suffer job cuts because their skills and expertise in producing their products are being replaced with foreign products, which need little or no modifications. Their line of work is replaced by cheap labor from a distant manufacturer. Employing too many oversea aspects phase out domestic needs, and once the gap increases, America will become too dependent on other sources from elsewhere around the world, which may be difficult to obtain because some required resources are already finite.


Since many foreign products are composed of non-reusable materials, America will be left with stockpiles of waste, especially if domestic products are being replaced. As a result, extra measures of exporting need to be entirely re-evaluated because of drastic shifts in America’s buying power, since they further magnify the trade deficit to irretrievable losses. To add to trade losses, the American dollar would lose its ability to maintain its value status with other currencies.

In summary, too many negative impacts exceed the positives of welcoming foreign products. Although importing foreign products is sometimes necessary, America’s future holds little promise to the value of its dollar unless it can somehow become self-sustaining once again.

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