Essay on Business Economics

How do the concepts learned relate to real life?

It was very interesting learning and listening to all the material discussed in class last Tuesday. Most of the information covered was new to me, but easily related into a real life situation. I’m not sure if you’d like for me to discuss concepts learned from the text or from class, so I’ll try to combine them together. In most real life situations it’s very useful and helpful to distinguish the advantages from the disadvantages in every alternative you come across. In decision-making, it’s easy to make your mind up when looking at everything on paper, rather than juggling it around in your head.

How do they relate to your job?

After watching the video I was shocked to learn of all the aftereffects that occurred in the government, schools, and business world when they were separated from the core beliefs and practices of the early presidents, and forefathers. It was evident that as soon as Christian practices were seen as unfair and unjust in a free country, things started to plummet very rapidly. I can see the changes in my job atmosphere by the way people treat each other and are always looking out for number one.

How to they relate to how the United States operates?

Unfortunately it relates to the United States’ operation very closely. It’s clear for me to see that this country was founded on the Christianity belief and values, so when those core foundation blocks are taken away or weakened in some way everything that was built on that foundation is affected. It amazes me that people can read the Declaration of Independence and not see the Christian value and coincidence.

How do the concepts relate to biblical principles?

Well, economic principles such as the choices one has to make, as well as the alternatives one has to choose from, and positive economics are all related to biblical principles in one way or another. Wisdom is highly spoken of in the book of Proverbs and many other places in the Bible, so it’s obvious that economic principles relate to biblical principles. If one has wisdom, than he or she will be able to make wise choices, and choose life changing, fulfilling alternatives, or at lest learn to do so after practice and error.

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