Essay on U.S. Economics in the 1930’s

In the 1930’s, the United States was in very poor economic shape. The Labour government was defeated in 1931. As a result of this, the Depression occurred. The devastation of the Depression led to the creation of the National Government. Money in the 1930’s was very scarce because of the Depression. People worked for only $2.50 per week, which, at that time, was considered to be an honor.

Crops in the 1930’s were also very poor because farmers had very little to help them grow. Families had to resort to selling some of their belongings, including cattle, furniture, and even their cars in order to buy the food they needed to support their family.

Although the Depression was a terrible thing, people still did not fell deprived. While you were shopping, if u did not have enough money to buy the necessary things, u could do one of two things. Those choices were to hold all charges to the end of the month, or trade things for the goods.

Unlike the United States, Britain was well off. They were good at social planning, economic planning, welfare relief, industrial nationalization, and deficit financing during this period.

During the Depression, the father in a family had a duty to support their families. Many of these men where losing their jobs because of the great Depression. Because they were losing the jobs, they failed to support their family. Many if them became criminals because they needed the money to survive.

In the 1930’s, women could maintain a job without any problems. However, they were paid only half of the money that men were paid. Men were mad because they were losing their jobs and women were not. Men were very mad because they thought that they deserved all of the jobs that the world had to offer.

Living conditions were very bad during the 1930’s. Many poor people lived in shacks or boxes. Many people lived in houses so small that not even the whole family could fit in them! Many people rented homes with hope that the house would have a bed or other necessities. Many homes did not have beds, heating, or even air-conditioning.

The 1930’s was a very hard era for each and every person involved in the Depression. Money, food, and even housing were very hard things to get in the 1930’s. Anyone who says that it was not a hard era is lying through their teeth. This is definitely not something that we want to experience again.

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