How to Write a Good Economics Dissertation

Developing a good Economics dissertation will be submitted to your educational institution – college, university, or school – for the completion of your degree program. Successful completion of this work will include research and a problem statement. A problem statement is defined as a statement that will provide the reader with concise and specific information regarding the problem, its nature, the causes, and the implications of the problem. Usually a problem statement will be one sentence; however, the problem statement, like a topic statement, may be followed by defining sentences that further develop the information from your sentence. The problem statement paragraph of your Economics dissertation should still be a complete paragraph with 3 to 4 sentences at minimum and not more than eight sentences in total.

Your problem statement is the most important part of your Economics dissertation, as it will guide you through the work and help you stay on track to completion. Be certain that it has been defined following research regarding the issue and the perceived causes of the problem. This is even the case when you have selected to propose different underlying causes for your problem, as you will need to defend your reasoning using these other sources defining the causes differently. Once your problem statement is clearly developed, discovering related research will be much easier.

After your problem statement, you should begin your Literature Review, which is typically the second chapter of your Economics dissertation. This section will consist of all the related research you gather on your problem and present opportunities for you to develop your Discussion chapter after you have completed your study.

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