Immigration’s Importance to Canada’s Economy

Immigration is greatly depended on when it comes to Canada’s economy. Of all the money which is contributed towards Canada’s economy, Canada looks toward the immigration of others from other countries. This is because immigration leads toward a greater population, many immigrants can bring money and businesses along with them, and also many immigrants can bring their talents and skills which are required to complete the tasks and jobs which cannot be done by citizens.One reason why immigration is greatly depended upon Canada’s economy is because the greater the population of Canada becomes, the more jobs will be needed in order to help each citizen support their family. It is quite safe to say that Canada’s population is too small for its large area of land. (Area: 9,976,185 km2; Population: approx. 30,000,000). In order to spread the population evenly throughout the country, we are able to place 3 people per square kilometer. Clearly this is too much space for only three people to inhabit. With a higher population, the demand of goods and needs become greater. This is for a higher quality of life. This becomes related to the available jobs open. It is only obvious that the more demand of goods, the more open jobs to produce those goods. Along with that, as the population increases, the immigrants would need a home. In order to get a home they first must buy land property form the government. With this home they will contribute, and pay their share of income taxes. All of this will definitely contribute to Canada’s economy (money-wise). Another reason why Canada’s economic well being greatly depends on immigration is because many immigrants can bring money and a variety of businesses into the country. The variety of businesses, which are brought into the country will eventually increase Canada’s economy. For example, an American who opens a business in Canada (i.e. Old Navy), this company could be doing so well that many people are buying their products from this store. The taxes, which the people pay, are contributing towards Canada’s economy. These businesses will need the labour and essentially provide jobs for people. This is a pro because it is all inter-connected, these businesses help provide jobs for those who just immigrated and are seeking a job. If this is well worked out, in the long run, it will help Canada’s economy. Immigrants with money is essentially “better” because they will have no struggles, (i.e. buying a house/ renting an apartment) and they will also have benefits if they have a fair amount of money. Also if the immigrant does bring money, he or she is able to invest their money. This may help with the taxes they have to pay towards the government. Canada welcomes immigrants who contribute to the economic prosperity by making a significant investment in the country. One more reason why Canada’s economic well being greatly depends on immigration is because many immigrants can bring the different skills and talents to our work force. It is a known fact that Canada has a minimum requirement of skills, which are needed in order to apply as an immigrant in Canada. This is because Canada does not really want people who cannot contribute to the economy, instead they want people who in some way will contribute to Canada’s economy. The more skills an immigrant has, the more “useful” he/she becomes. They become useful because different jobs in Canada requires different skills and a minimum requirement of experience. Many immigrants can meet these requirements and help fulfill the needs of others and complete the job. The immigrants around the world have a broad view of education, work experience, age, languages they speak, and personal suitability. With this variety of skills a great amount can be done within this country and all that is done, will eventually help Canada’s economy. When looked upon immigration, immigrants must be healthy, this is because if the immigrant is unhealthy, they take away from our economy. They take away from our economy because health care is needed. Obviously it would be better for an immigrant NOT to be recognized as a “criminal” from previous time, it would just cause a negative impact on the economy. With the different skills an immigrant brings they can help fill in jobs of any occupation. For example a doctor, a teacher, a lieutenant, a professor, an electrician, an engineer, a programmer, a lawyer, a nurse and much more! Another occupation, which would greatly contribute towards Canada’s economy, is a farmer. With all the farmland which is out west, money can be made if more farmers inhabit the farmland and harvest the fruits, vegetables, but mostly wheat. With these “raw” materials other companies can use them to make food which the people of Canada need to survive. Another occupation which can greatly help our economy are fishermen. Fish is a rich natural resource which we have that can also help support not only our economy, but the people of the land. With the fish caught we can sell them to other countries and make money, which of course goes to the government, and ends the chain by helping our economy. A perfect example in which immigrants brought their skills into Canada and helped our economy was during the 1950s. Canada’s society had changed into a youth-centred society. After the baby boom, production of toys, child care products, and bicycles quickly grew to keep up with the new demand. Along with this, new schools were built in order to educate the youth, but there was a severe shortage of qualified teachers. Who else would fill in these jobs? Of course the immigrants would. Canada was in desperate need of help so Canadian authorities began to advertise abroad for qualified teachers. It is quite clear that immigration is greatly depended upon to help Canada’s economy because it brings a large amount of money into Canada. Through the increase of population, the more jobs are needed. The money and businesses the immigrants may bring, helps the economy, and businesses opens jobs for others. Last but not least, the skills the immigrants bring, they may lead them into becoming teachers, electricians, programmers, farmers, plumbers, professors, politician, practically anything. Immigrants can fill these job vacancies that resident Canadians cannot or will not fill.

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