Persistent social problems

Today, so many Persistent social problems — unemployment, discrimination and all the like for instance have been harassing our world for years. Thusly, Claim for developing such a global university dedicated to solving these problems sounds theoretically rational and constructive and beneficial to our society. However, despite of its sacred aim, a closer examination reveals that the issue of such a global university will pose some certain risks on these nations who participate in this program and might ultimately undermine the initial good-willings.

First of all as a global university it should comprise of faculty and students who bring diverse culture and educational perspectives, young intellectuals where keen minds from different races, cultures and varied ethnic and financial backgrounds come together to express their viewpoints and ideas. When such a diversified community comes closer then communication impedance might occur between students and faculty. So many factors and agents underlying the global cap will conflict and even antagonize each other, which though they might get conciliation to some extent will considerably offset the positive a lot.

Another amazing problem is the fact that there exist so many persistent social problems ,most of which are closely related to economics, race, religion, moral systems and may intertwined with each other. Unemployment for example, poses a giant blockade for both the developing and developed nations. Society requires only limited consumption and thus enterprises can provide only limited employment. Status of unemployment relies highly on the total level of economics and it is impossible to find an easy remedy without the realistic development of the whole society. Similarly, elimination of discrimination, another social tumor persistent for thousands of years, requires the mutual recongnization and respect of different races, requires the belief that each human being, whatever the race, color or religion, has the warranted right to be equal in dignity ever since his birth. Despite the giant amelioration for the past centuries, it is still a dream as Martin Luther has claimed.

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