Essay on What Specific Sacrifice or Sacrifices Would You Endure as a Partial Solution to Our Country’s Economic Problem?

The issue at the heart of Britain’s economic problem is that the country is spending much more capital than it is making. As a result, the country has fallen into debt, a debt that will only worsen if it does not cut its spending and generate more income. To that end, I believe that British citizens, such as myself, should focus their spending on purchases that are going to benefit Britain’s economy. In this article, I will discuss the sacrifices to my food consumption and my holiday habits I would endure as a partial solution to Britain’s economic problem.

At the moment, Britain imports about 25% of its food and drink from around the world, whether it’s broccoli from Spain or Shiraz wine from Australia. Money spent on importing these products, is money that could have been spent on fuelling British food industries. I would be willing to eat potatoes grown in Britain and drink wine made in Britain, especially if it would help Britain out of debt.

However, this is easier said than done. Consuming only British-made produce would mean much less variety in my diet. I would also be limited to certain foods at certain times of year. For instance, I love eating Brussels sprouts, but I would only be able to do so during winter when they are in season. Nevertheless, as a temporary solution to Britain’s economic problem, consuming only British produce, and decreasing our dependence on imports from abroad would be a sacrifice worth making.
Another sacrifice would be changing my holiday habits. Instead of flying abroad and spending my money on water skiing in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, I could go do the same in Cornwall or Brighton. I’d be able to have a good break from work, save money on plane travel and put my money towards helping the British economy.

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