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Despite continued advocacy since the turn of the century, there has been negligible adoption of combined heat and power (CHP) for district heating (DH) in Britain. This paper summarises the treatment of the option and suggests a framework for explanation. The long neglect of CHP/DH can be explained neither as the result of a conspiracy […]

Essay on “Should Rich Countries Pay More For Environmental Damage?”

In the last decade, this question has gained more attention as people become aware of the problems that environmental damage is causing all around the world. The extent and range of the damage is debated among scientists as well as other groups and organizations with different studies to support various theories. However, according to reports […]

Essay on “How Do You Think Our Future Will Be Influenced By The Great Influx Of Foreign Products Into The United States?”

The influx of foreign products has been an economic and domestic impact for decades in America. Both positives and negatives can be said about foreign product influx. Let’s first take a look at a few positives. An encouraging fact about foreign product influx is the growing international relations between the sellers and the consumers. Most […]

Essay on “To What Extent Will Migration from the Developing World to the Developed World Become a Social and Political Issue in the Twenty First Century?”

In as much as globalization creates an enabling environment for trade and industry, it also opens up the borders allowing free movement of people, goods and services. As a result, migration is becoming an issue of concern as more people move to seek better prospects for themselves and their families. More often than not we […]

Essay on “Should Countries Drill For Oil in Protected Areas to Reduce Gas Prices?”

The proposal for further oil drilling in protected areas is a subject that generates controversy. Proponents argue that the exercise relieves countries by making them self reliant as opposed to importing oil from foreign nations (White 19). On the other hand, opponents cite the negative environmental effects that come with the drilling exercise. This paper […]

Paper on “the United States has never had a female president”

In the history of the United States, there has never been a female president. Many countries have joined the list of countries with female presidents. A few factors, such as age, gender, political affiliation, and previous record of the candidate affect the voters’ choice consciously or unconsciously. Political experts provide a number of reasons to […]